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Ride Tech Kits

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Ride Tech: Air Struts, Brackets , Compression Systems , Suspension Systems, & Shocks for THE most popular hotrods & trucks of all times...and the hard to find custom !

Air Ride Technologies has worked hard to offer you air suspension components that are easy to install and offer a vast improvement over the OEM components to give you better ride quality, handling and stance.

Shown below are a few examples to fit every driving style and budget. Air Rides most popular air suspension system is the ShockWave™. The front ShockWaves™ are a bolt-in replacement for the front coilsprings and shocks. They are compatible with OEM control arms and spindles and tubular control arms.

On the rear the Air4Link™ in either parallel or triangulated versions offer the ultimate in handling and ride comfort. For the more budget minded, Air Ride also offer the CoolRide™ front system, an air over leaf rear system, or a ShockWave™9000 system that includes a new U-bolt plate lower mount and a bolt-in upper shock crossmember, and much more.


To see if your project can use Ride Tech check here