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Dakota Odyssey Series 2

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The Dakota Odyssey Series Quad Air Pressure gauge can monitor and simultaneously display the front and rear pressure on front/ rear or four wheel independent air ride systems to display each air bag for proper pressure. Able to select second screen to display tank pressure.

Dakota Digital Odyssey Series II instruments offer a high brightness, non-glare vacuum fluorescent display for excellent daytime visibility and a lifetime of trouble free use. Odyssey Series II instruments are fully backed by a Limited 24-month Warranty against manufacturer defects and provide the accuracy and performance you've come to expect from Dakota Digital!


  • Requires use of specific senders for desired range. 0- 150 or 0- 400 psi.
  • A single sensor will be required for each pressure reading. For example, a full independent (front/back/side to side) air system would require 4 sensors (1 for each airbag). A fifth sensor (SEN-03-5) can be added to monitor the air tank pressure if desired.


  • 1 psi for 0- 150 psi range/ 2 psi for 0- 400 psi range.
  • Separate control box for easy installation.
  • User adjustable high and low warning points can trigger a external light or buzzer. (not included)
  • Night dimming.
  • Choice of either Black or Chrome bezel.
  • Machined aluminum housing.